UPDATED (09/01/12) - As of January 6th, FGS ceased to exist

This is possibly one of the best add-ons for those who play any Facebook game ever and as of January 6th it 
ceased to exist, don't know what FGS is, or just want to know why is it shutting down? 
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Update 09/01/12: Looks like the news about Friendly Gaming Simplifier got the attention of CNN iReport: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-727662  
There is also a petition to let FGS project alive here: https://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/savefgs

FGS, or Friendly Gaming Simplifier, was a neat add-on that would let you just click in two simple buttons (after a previous configuration) and it would collect all the bonuses or presents you had in your friends lists and yours aswell which would save you tons of hours searching, if your that kind of addict, friends facebook pages.

UI for FGS, one click and you would get all the presents and rewards from your friends

Unfortunately, the people at Facebook Inc. didn't like how this was messing with their code and send some lawyers to knock on flies, the coder and founder of the modification. Here is what he said about the matter:

I am really sorry to announce that time of FGS project has finished. After 1,5 year of providing users with a service that was meant to improve their gaming experience, I am shocked that this project ends in such an upleasant situation as I am forced to stop it for good.

On the day of 6th January 2012 02:05 GMT+1, I have received a legal note from Perkins Coie attorney company, which is representing Facebook Inc., based in Menlo Park, California.

According to this note I must follow all of the below demands „In order to avoid further escalation of this matter”:
Stop offering the FGS Browser Software, or any other software that interferes with Facebook’s intended limitations or impairs the proper working of Facebook,
- I must cease and not access the Facebook site(s) and/or services for any reason whatsoever.
Due to the fact that I am in no position of negotiating this terms (and can’t afford the escalation of this matter) I am going to follow these demands.
On the 6th January 2012 20:00 GMT+1, I will:
- remove FGS website,- remove all materials connected with FGS (source codes, backups etc),
- will add a big permanent notice on top of FGS with a link to this note,
- log out from my Facebook account for the very last time. 

Not only they made him stop delivering his program service but they also denied him of having a Facebook account:

As of this time, sending any messages to my facebook account will be pointless, since I will never ever reply to them. I was permanently presumed as an unwelcome/dangerous person to Facebook infrastructure and any of my activity on Facebook’s site, platform, or network will be regarded as unauthorized access to its protected computer network, which enforses legal actions against me, if I deny to follow those restrictions.
[...]Once again I would like to thank all those people that cared for this project and were supporting it all the way, for better or worse. I had a real fun learning something new, improving my programming skills, while making true new friends in the process. Too bad it ends this way... 
I hope that we will be able to keep in touch somehow or cross our paths again in the different projects someday - that I wish for both me and you.
Best regards,

FGS, like said before will run until January 6th and after that will stop working as all the code will be erased.
If you wish to send any letter or message of support to flies you can reach him in the following:

- Google plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/106132395261281944651/posts
- Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/fliesPL
- Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/flies/
- Email: flieshunterpl@gmail.com
- FGS blog and forum (while its still active): http://blog.fgs.rzadki.eu/2012/01/end-of-fgs.html

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