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So a couple of years ago, a small game was released and started what is now known as one of the best hack'n'slash of our times, you know what it is, so just click on the topic so you can check the hellish news.

 Diablo, the famous game from Blizzard North (or Condor) is 15 years old, and what 15 years have been for that franchise.

Blizzard North

For much of the gamers around Diablo II and its expansion pack, Lord of Destruction, are still being played to this day. And with its birthday, Blizzard launched a website you can't miss in seeing. This website includes tons of information, such as:

  • Timeline of all the Diablo launched games, 
  • A Retrospective view of Diablo franchise
  • Chris Metzen and Jay Wilson Interviews
  • Videos and Screenshots from previous Diablo games
For those fans who can't seem to get enough information, this should really be a treat for them. Click "HERE" to check it out, and don't forget to comment below or on facebook or twitter!
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