Gran Turismo 5 gets fatter in January 17

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Seems like people who were trying to stave off the crave to buy Gran Turismo 5 might be once again threatened!

Thats right, Gran Turismo is now fatter with the upcoming release of Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition, which was announced yesterday (January 7th) and they promise us new functionalities, features and the best in the deal, all the DLC that came out before the release of the XL Edition, that includes droolish dream cars and eye candy race tracks that you can only run in two places: your mind and in your TV.

This package includes the following:
  • Original Gran Turismo 5 game, featuring more than 1,000 cars, 20+ locations with 70+ track layouts, diverse racing styles including rally, track, karting, NASCAR, and more, deep online community features and online racing, plus Gran Turismo TV, Course Maker and more.
  • All of the new and improved features and functionality from all free downloadable game updates up through Spec 2.0 included on the disc.
  • Voucher good for over $20 worth of DLC content, including the Racing Car Pack, Car Pack 2, Course Pack, Racing Gear Pack, and Paint Pack.
Not only that but the game also has a very neat double cover.

Back Cover

Front Cover

US can grab this beauty in the 17th of January for $39,99, as for Europeans, no clue since no news about it have been released in the EU blog. So how bout it Americans? Going to bite the bullet on this one or are you going to just let it go by?

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