Hail to the King Baby

The King is Back!
After a gigantic hiatus and all around problematic development, Duke Nukem Forever (DNF) is back, and despite it's extremely high hype and bad critics all around from ... critics, here is why you should actually play this game.

A little bit of history first, Duke Nukem 3D was its predecessor and was released in 29th January 1996 (all the way back there) and its sequel was suppose to be released a couple of years after, but it went into developers hell (a place where a lot of games don't even see the release) by 3D Realms. During this long time, the game was followed by an extensive lawsuit and end up at the hands of Gearbox Software (creators of Half Life expansion packs and recent Borderlands) which finished the supposed game after a decade and a couple of years in a low down position.

Iconic Radioactive symbol of duke is always present, even in his monster truck
The game after being released received massive critics about its graphics, loading times, rushed up end levels and so on, the list is endless but most gigantic reviewers and critics forgot what was the game all about, fun and crude humor.

We see Duke Nukem back to kick ass more alien scum then before, and why should it be a modern warfare-esque game? It shouldn't and thank god it ain't. Most people might not agree but if the first person shooter doesn't resemble something either battlefield like or call of duty like is pushed back by people like it was a game that was released with 96 graphics today and that is why people should start clearing their head before reviewing this kind of game or either playing it.

These things are back to steal our ladies, but Duke's on the job

We don't know much about Duke history, his life before the first alien invasion (taking aside duke Nukem 1,2,3) is completely empty and taken up to the players imagination, who knows maybe he was a janitor or something of the sorts and went into a rampage, we might never know what this glorious man was or will we?

About the game, the graphics are a bit outdated and the loading times are a bit slow (talking only about game in consoles, as far as I'm concerned) but the game itself is pure fun and kicks, seriously. The crude humor and puns will make you chuckle from time to time although some will leave you dry, and the game does fall much from Duke Nukem 3D, we see a lot of naked women, lot of gruesome alien killing, toilet peeing, and so on. You don't actually have health, but ego and when your ego plummets you will die, so how does one replenish ego you ask? Playing pinball, yes pinball and other objects of course.

This reminds me of Counter Strike Rat Maps, oh and Duke Sauce? eewwwwww
The game is specially fun because of its colour pallets, by this meaning NOT EVERYTHING IS EITHER BROWN OR GRAY, and for that it wins on my behalf, we don't see much games like this nowadays and its a shame because this is what it sold back in the day. The guns are all in the same flavor of its predecessor like the shrink ray (awesome) and the freeze ray accompanied all the time with Duke's mighty foot! so if your one of those old time prehistoric types like myself you will enjoy re-using these weapons and having a blast while doing so. Duke will also shrink himself (also something you could do in Duke3D) but this time it has a better use for just passing that nasty air-vent or crack on the floor, you can grab your remote vehicle and just kick ass shrunk alien pigs.

All in all, the game deserves a little bit of praise, it's fun, and it does have something to offer but since this ain't Modern Warfare 3 or something of the near genre that much of the games are becoming like (Medal of Honor, Operation Flashpoint, Ghost Recon, etc) it will always be the underdog, but not here, we loved it, even despite its flaws and that's what it should be all about, oh and might I remind you if you are not one likes to keep its games, rent it, it's worth it just for the punches in the balls and giggles from ladies with bouncing boobs.

Score: 8/10

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