The Medic Will See you Now....

Considering that Valve stopped making "Meet the Team" movies two years ago (Possibly working very hard on Half Life Episode 3, /failed sarcarm) we get an unexpected house call...

In all the things happening around Team Fortress 2 with "Uber Patch" this might be the biggest news so far. When you see the movie you get a lot of information from Valve and the most surprising one is that Team Fortress 2 is going to be Free-to-play following a bit of the scheme of City of Heroes "free" you will only have the basic package, or in other words, nothing that involved micro-transactions (hats, new weapons, etc). Those items will be the proverbial cash cow that will sustain the game's development, and if this doesn't help it there is always advertising and other methods of making it viable.

Although nothing is for sure, we might see console misfortune on this patch as well, but we never know, lets see how this will work out.

Also in the patch medics are getting a much needed update for the medic, a bust of the famous medical oath and a new weapon, here's the details.

- The Quick-Fix
   - Medigun Prototype
   - Ubercharge increases healing by 300% and grants immunity to movement-impairing effects
   - + 40% heal rate
   - + 25% Ubercharge rate
   - Move at the speed of any faster heal target
   - Can't Over heal

- The Solemn Vow
  - Bust of Hippocrates
  - Allows the wielder to see enemy health

- The Overdose
  - Syringe Gun Prototype
  - Movement speed bonus based on Ubercharge percentage to a maximum of 10%
  - - 10% Movement

So you should really be itching to see the Meet the Medic Trailer right, so here ya go! Enjoy and Good Playing.

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