[PS3/PSP] 3 Minis Down the Plus Barrel - Review

Some people say minis are just casual games, with no entertainment, repetition or even challenging value but here we say to those nay-sayers that they can be challenging and entertaining (Even downright nerve wrecking!)

We got a special treat for those who want to try out the few minis out in the plus section of the Playstation store but want guidance if they're really good to waste your time downloading, installing and trying them. So check them out right after the break.

We have three minis to play with actually on this months plus section. Those are Breakquest, "I MUST RUN!" and Karimogi, each one very different from the other, and some really addictive and others not really that interesting.


I suck at finding minis images to show you >.< i'm sorry!

The game is very simple, its the same style of modern Shatter, old timers Arcanoid. The game differentiates from its rivals by adding objects, such as extra paddles that are fixed, but when you  hit them with your ball they'll turn, making the game easier or harder.  I gave it a go and I found it extremely slow, and its controls sloppy, not making it much worth its time playing, unless your really bored out of your skull.

Rating: 3 out of 10

Run little jail man guy run!

A game where your frustration can be the end of you, this game tells a story of an unknown person trying to escape prison by running endlessly on rooftops (and thats just on the first "level"), the controls are very simple and with quick response. The game can be a nerve since there are no actual checkpoints, no saving, no nothing so if you have the misfortune of just crashing down a ceiling you have to start all over again and again and again, but besides that its really good.

Rating: 8 out of 10


So... your a weird blue alien that needs to get to his spaceship (so far so good), but there is a weird hot-dog bread like shaped guy who wants to keep you all to himself! So what do you need to do? blow the crap out of food crates without dying. The same is similar to Tetris but you can't get stomped by the crates not get into the bomb range (aka the first line). It's fluid and the controls respond very well, making it fun to play for sometime.

Rating: 7 out of 10

That's all for the minis review this week!

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