US Internet "Piracy" Bill and Europes Silver-Lining

The Internet world is at a buzz with news about the US Internet Censorship Bill passing the Senate, but how will this impact games, the economy and Europe?


Minecraft goes gold... but who gives a damn?

This week we saw the announcement that Minecraft after so many years in development has finally, finally being "released", but honestly who gives a damn?


It's that time again, Still accepting volunteers to join the Addict3d Project!

Once again, we are still looking for new volunteers to write for the project. Here is what you need to know about the positions we currently have


Why you SHOULDN'T compare Modern Warfare 3 with Battlefield 3 in 5 different points

Seems like everyone is trying to take a jab at either COD: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3, so here is why you shouldn't read everything you see on every news blog or related to this subject.


Bring on the Spandex, DC Universe Online

Since DC Universe Online (DCUO for short) new payment method "Free2Play" in vigor, we take a look at what we seem to be a latex addiction with a mix of a gigantic muscles for men and womens large ... busts. Just take a look at how I avoid the word of womens above the belly button and below the neck area and still review a game full of genetically enhanced bodies. 


Pre-Order Final Fantasy XIII-2 and get unique items

Square Enix announced unique items if you pre-order Final Fantasy XIII-2, are they trying to sooth our appetite or trying to say "Sorry"?


GTA V - Debut Trailer

Logo used for Rockstar Games's Grand Theft Aut...
You've probably seen it, as it is faster than any virus known to man, way faster than Biebers puberty, the Grand Theft Auto V bombshell was announced a couple of days ago, coming with a fancy "OMG" trailer.
British box art for the PC version of Grand Th...
The first of many, GTA I cover art


Sonic Generations - Demo Review

Sonic Team 
I had a chance to try the new Sonic game, and putting fears aside, I can safely predict a, welcome back Sonic.