It's dangerous to go alone! Here take this! G155 GAEMS Case

Ok lets face it. We hate to travel. We hate having to leave our beautiful console with our so awesome games to collect dust while you are gone. You also might despise the idea of carrying your console to your family members house and play in a TV that doesn't suit your needs or fight to actually plug it in a TV. Worse enough is when you want to go to a LAN Party or anything sorted and carrying your expensive 46' LED TV around. Well, that is about to change, see below the break why.


Simcity Social - Review

Buildings, Sky-scrappers, concrete... and friends! Check out our take on the new Simcity for Facebook!

Final Fantasy VII Is being Re-re(?)-released for PC!

Sometimes I fail to see the point of something as useless as re-releasing a game that was launched in the 90's and a few years ago in some consoles. Even if its something as massive as Final Fantasy VII. But its happening...