[PS3] Dance Dance Revolution: New Moves Review

Put on your favourite socks and sweatpants, we're reviewing Dance Dance Revolution: New Moves for the PS3.

[PS3] Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Review

What mixes high speed police chases, exotic cars, extremely painful to watch crashes and roads that looked like they were paved a day before you'll drive them?

[iOS] Cut the Rope - Review

Possibly one of the funniest and more addicting games around the Apps you can find on iTunes since 22nd July 2011, we're reviewing the game we're you need to feed a monster in a box, Cut the Rope.


[iOS] Broken Sword, Director's Cut - Review

In a segment I'm trying to do with continued iOS based games, we go far into the depths of the point and click adventure games with Broken Sword - Director's Cut.

[iOS] Siege Hero Review

I guess this year I was lucky enough for someone to get me a 2nd hand iPhone 3GS (thanks you!) and guess what, now I can review games on it, and I downloaded a couple of them, so I'll go into detail. Now hold on to your rocks, we're going to review Siege Hero.

So is it dead? No!

Hello everyone who still dares to enter this blog for some news!

First of all, I would like to commend you with a special badge/trophy/accheivement if you kept comming here day by day to check if this thing got updated. We didn't die, nor left it to rust. Since I'm the only writer at the moment, it's hard to type everything that happens around the gigantic world that is the gaming industry, and if something happens to me, nobody is here to fill in while I get through with my things.

So, I would like to extend (once again) an apology to you, reader and that while I won't promise this won't happen again, because it will. I will promise you that I will keep posting news and never keep this website down.

On another update, I also have to say that most of our weekly posts are going in a bit of a hiatus until I find someone that will help me around, so be sure to check this blog shortly for game reviews from casual to pro!