Week(end)ly Wrap-up

This post will sum up everything that you missed on this blog for PS3, PC and Off-topic posts, and if you probably don't know already, I stopped posting due to studying at the university consuming all of my free time, so today, had a break today, and to show you we are still around posted various of news from yesterday and today.

[PS3] Move receiving House of the Dead: Overkill

Grab your gun... or motion controller because Sega announced House of the Dead: Overkill.

[PS3/PSP] Final Fantasy V making its way to US PSN Store

Another entry for the RPG fans PSN library. Final Fantasy V is making its way for the US Playstation store (When it goes back online anyway). Thanks to the ESRB listing, the United States have more one classic, joining the list of long awaiting but already confirmed RPG games, FFVI and Chrono Trigger. Once again European shoppers will have to wait for a confirmation.

The Releases are for both PS3 and PSP

[Sony] Playstation 4 is in development after all...

Sony, sometimes the community thinks that you being hacked was something that you needed to stop lying to us. But after all this trouble you still do.

[PC] Starcraft: Heart of the Swarm teaser leaked

Probably the 45 most "What the hell is happening?!" seconds of your life, check it out.

[PS3] Sony plans to regain it's money & gets hacked once more.

With the now behind us Sony hacking incident of 2011, Sony Computer Entertainment lost approximate 3 billion dollars, making it the biggest profit loss in 16 years. But it wasn't just the hacking that set Sony backwards...

Update 1: We just got word that Sony got hacked again this week.

[OFFTOPIC] Back to the future II dream come true!

So someone finally did it! Richard Darrel from Bit Rebels wrote about a person who was crazy enough to invent the pink hover-board that we saw in the movie.

[PS3] Official Headset Comming for PS3

An early news post from the American Playstation.Blog states there is a new wireless headset coming to the market, it has cool features such as 7.1 virtual surround sound, a sleek design and an expensive price!

[PS3] Price Championship Phase 1 - Portugal VS. England


Hello, and welcome once again to our "still in hiatus" gaming blog, I've decided to take a quick break of studying from the ending semester exams to bring you this special post which will not just end here. Want to know who has the better hardware pricing in Europe? (sorry rest of the world, this one is for us Europeans!). Check out the first round of the 2011 series! England VS Portugal! More after the Break.