[OFFTOPIC] Back to the future II dream come true!

So someone finally did it! Richard Darrel from Bit Rebels wrote about a person who was crazy enough to invent the pink hover-board that we saw in the movie.

You spend decades try to stay away from that trilogy, because if you do, you know you have to see them all again in numerical order and just comment on every piece of equipment from the future saying "I wish that something like that existed". Well, Richard Darrel might have a word about it in his recent article about a French artist named Nils Guadagnin and his newly invented pink hover-board.

"There are many movies from the ’80s that we all remember and idolize. They are the essence of our childhood and they bring back memories of awesomeness as well as humiliation. We believed in everything that we saw in those Hollywood movies, and it was pure magic. Today it’s all about what you can make look real without it being real… or something like that. The memories can go on forever.
However, as we have seen in the past decade, all the things shown in the early movies of the ’80s are coming true one by one and now the turn has come to the awesome and most inspirational hoverboard ever from the movie “Back To The Future” where Michael J. Fox plays the kid Marty McFly"

Source:  Bit Rebels

To read the full article and the awesome movie demonstrating the hover-board abilities check out Richard Darrel's article on Bit Rebels website

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