[iOS] C&C - Red Alert 3 Review

SQ5PTS25YB9Z - C&C series were my favorite franchise in the RTS genre until sometime ago, this was all because of that junk most people stamp C&C Tiberium Twilight, EA however didn't stop there as he created another monstrosity (or maybe not!), this time for the iOS platforms.


[360] So Gears of War 3...

Well Gears of War 3 was released and after a couple of days I wanted to know, what's your call on the game?


[FBGame] The Sims Social - Review

Today we go into uncharted territory looking for a game we recognize, "The Sims" but Social.


[iOS] The Secret of Monkey Island SE - Review

Today we review a game for the nostalgic in, The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition for the iOS.


[iOS] Doodle God - Review

Today we review what made us, Doodle God, now lets say a prayer.


Ad: 'Hiring' writers for Addict3d To Games Blog

We are *STILL* with open positions to join our news blog, if you are thinking of joining remember that this blog is a non-profitable blog, with revenue of any kind going directly towards funding of the blog and its future graphical enhancements and host that we might procure in the future. If that didn't made you run off and you are still willing to join, we are looking for the following characteristics in our applicants.
  • Average English writing skills.
  • Loves games and/or hardware.
  • Willing to write (on a regular basis).
  • Needs to be involved in the game/hardware industry.
  • Endurance to make this project work.
  • Must have originality on its posts (we are not asking that on the news per say but on reviews or personal articles)
  • Willing to make articles that encourage debate with our readers. (Our Topic of The Week; Top10)
The openings are for writers that are interested either in game news to hardware news (computer specs and hardware, prices comparisons). So the following are currently open:
Note: Has said before, the writer must have originality in its articles and we have the right to decline any posts that we deem copy/paste from other websites or just offensive.

Think you can handle the pressure of being a writer?
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[iOS] Line Birds - Review

 What I started to think that I was going to see was another Angry Birds clone or something of the sort I end up playing a small, really boring game, so here we go reviewing Line Birds for iOS, a really boring game.


[iOS] Fruit Ninja - Review

In this review, we will show you how a game will make you have fun playing but hours mastering it in Fruit Ninja review just after the break.


[iOS] Simcity Deluxe - Review

I'll be honest with you, when I started to download this game I had a sort of bad shiver, the same way I had when I started to play Simcity Societies, but I was relieved after skipping a couple of option and title screens, here is Simcity Deluxe (DLX) review for the iOS.