[iOS] Doodle God - Review

Today we review what made us, Doodle God, now lets say a prayer.

Doodle God, a creation from the creator of the brains of the creators company, JoyBits Ltd. is something that will make time fly as you try and become the one, or should I say the creator of us all.

The game is very simple, you star with four simple elements and go on from there on out. Now the game was originally released in Newgrounds but it was so successful that it ported to the iOS and other phone OS like Android and such. The game itself doesn't bedazzle you with over the edge graphics but instead of that shows you how good games still look in simple yet funny graphics.

The more you develop the harder it is to make a new element

The game doesn't let you just create elements and when you reach the target (which is nothing but a massive 248 elements into 24 different categories, and more to come) it ends, it also has tiny mini-games that let you create other elements and thus letting you complete your objective.

The game although old still packs a huge entertainment value and you can still get Doodle devil and Doodle Farm which are sequels from the game at possibly the same price as Doodle God (which is 0,79€ in Europe).

Every time you make an element a witty quote also appears for your entertainment

There is only one bad thing about these types of games that you should be aware of, and its that not everything is connected and some of the things are just weird enough to connect that you wouldn't think about it and had to use a tip for it. So you can say that you need to be on the top of your game if you don't want to keep waiting for hints or tips.

The game is available for all iOS based hardware, and you should really buy it since the value is as timeless as the big guy upstairs.

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