Stronghold Kingdoms

We all know that Stronghold 3 is comming to retail stores, but Firefly Studios the developer who is making that also made something that, fortunately for me seeing ads in game news sites found out! 

So here's a little taste of whats its all about.


No news?

Quick update for you folks, I'm now home after a minor medical procedure and am unable to keep writing for now. Hope you enjoyed this week's topic and you might be lucky to see some reviews from our other writers this week as for me... ill possibly play some games so i can review them next week, so no news this week (unless someone covers my place which doesn't seem possible)

Happy Playing.
Francisco S.


Topic of the Week: Are you happy with this generation of consoles?

In this weeks Topic of the Week, Are you happy with this generation of consoles (Seventh) or do you think something is missing that got misplaced with the transition?


Review: Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty

After being available as free content in the Welcome Back Package (WBP) of Playstation Network, I sat down and played the game. Check fer ta review mates, or swab the decks Arrrrrrg!


Review: Duke Nukem Forever - Hell yeah!

Despite all the bad reviews this game recently got, we played the game and it's our turn to say something about it.

Top 10: Best Game Landscapes

This week in our Top 10, we will show the most beautiful game landscapes that they have to offer, from destruction to nature we got it all.


Bye Bye Sackboy? Updated! 3/7/11

Sackboy is going to be an orphan as creators of LittleBigPlanet, Media Molecule reveal that their work on it is over. (UPDATE: Be sure to check the bottom of the post for an update)

Want to be a shareholder of Zynga?

Zinga has announced the company registration with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Company to offer its Class A common stock.

Updated: 'Hiring' writers for Addict3d To Games Blog

We are *STILL* with open positions to join our news blog, if you are thinking of joining remember that this blog is a non-profitable blog, with revenue from the ads going directly towards funding of the blog and its future graphical enhancements and host that we might encounter in the future. If that didn't made you run off and still willing, we are looking for the following characteristics in our applicants.