The Sounds Of Square-Enix


Why is the music so important to a game? It’s because music is an essential ingredient to building atmosphere within games and summon certain kinds of emotions in gamers. Music has a special ability to call out emotions.

[TOTW] Games and Addiction 101 - How far will you say that enough is enough?

Games - "activity engaged in for diversion or amusement "
Addiction - "continued involvement with a substance or activity despite the negative consequences associated with it."

How can these two words mix and cause extensive damage to someone who might be close to you or even yourself? Find out after the break.

[UPDATE] The Timer is Just a Prank

Remember that timer we announced yesterday, and possibly the sequel of Activision's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?


[TOP10] Hottest Male Video Game Characters

That’s right! Top 10 hottest video game guys characters. Why? Well, because the sexiest video game characters are the ones that make our eyes go wide each time we see them, because we feel these virtual gentleman need appreciation and because one of the biggest reasons for girls to play video game is the chance to drool over the guys that are in them. It makes a great topic of conversations and fan art. Here's Addict3d top ten list of hottest male characters in video gaming.

[PC/PS3/360] The Countdown is nearly ending...

Hello? Makarov? I know your here somewhereeeee....

Will you be ready for it when it goes to 00:00:00:00? Maybe so. Modern Warfare 3 might be announced due to the viral website findmakarov.com (Makarov being a important character in MW, you know that don't you? if not where have you been!?).

We're curious how can they work now without it's mother company running the show. Check back when the time goes 0!


[PS3] Being Hero is Optional (but not if you want the platinum trophy ) - inFamous 2 Trailer

InFamous 2 is pretty close to it's rumored release date and Playstation.blog (Europe) keeps reminding us of that, today they released a new trailer, so be sure to check it out.

[Wii] March 2011 Game Releases

For Those who are into Wii (no pun intended) check out what March is going to get the money out of your wallet!

[360] March Game Releases

Will March bring more of what is beginning to be the best year in games around? Check the listing just after the break!

[PS3] March Game Releases

It's that time of the month again!
Some decent line-ups already for all consoles this year, so will march be one of "those" months?
Check the listing just after the break.

[PC/360/PS3] From Sieging Castles to Being Sieged

Sometimes being a mage isn't what it's all cracked up to be... 
From multiple nerfs in games that makes your character a shadow of it's former self, to the main character offering a comedy relief, so why bother? Orcs Must Die! might change your mind, and the poor mages profession to its former glory.


[PC/360/PS3] Gritty New Look On Battlefield 3 - Debut Trailer

We all know that Battlefield 3 is in the works, but we haven't known much about it until now, and there is only one word to describe the trailer your going to see. Badass.

[DLC] Dead Space 2 Next Chapter Brings Familliar Faces Back

After the escape from the "planet-cracker" Ishimura, Gabriel and Lexine make a debut in Dead Space 2 upcomming DLC content "Severed" coming out in March 1st (Europe, March 2nd), see what will make you go running to your mommy, just after the break.

[PS3] Killzone 3 blasting it's way with killer ad

Playstation Blog (Europe) released a new Killzone 3 trailer celebrating the launch of Killzone 3 worldwide, catch the trailer and what they have to say just after the break.


[TOTW] The Death of a Genre?

We all got shocked (but not surprised) by Activision pulling the plug on Guitar Hero marking the death of one of the biggest IP's of rhythm genre we known so far. With Harmonix also plunging in sales on Rock Band, are we witnessing the death of a genre? and if so, is there anyone to blame?


[TOP10] Top 10 Kevin Butler VP's (And it's amazing ads)

Kevin Butler, VP of everything related to PS3 Gaming, who first appeared in 2009 has been the voice of Playstation 3 ads, and let's be honest, he does a great job. So in an homage to the VP of the century, here's the TOP 10 Kevin Butlers Ads and VP names, just after the break.

[PS3][360] Go inside a doll with Stacking!

A very fun and immerse game brought you by Double Fine

Nowadays, we can get games by either retail stores or online, the latter being still a "new" way to deliver media and with many flaws such as the big game developments usually are... well big and most consoles aren't equipped to take much of those games in its hard drive, so they usually sell small content such as DLC and games that don't consume much of its space, and that's where stacking appears.


[PS3] Rock Hard with Brutal Legend - Review

Banging your head in this game will be the most outrageous thing you will do, and sometimes you might want to bang your head in the wall too!

Brutal Legend, starring Jack Black, as voice-over and a small cameo on the menu screen, brings the heavy and the metal to life by voicing Eddie Briggs, a roadie who takes his job and his passion for heavy metal way too serious! 
Double Fine productions released the game in 2009 and we are now only reviewing this game because, well, I was lazy back then (still am), and also marking that this game deserves some attention since, it had none back when it was released. So check just after the jump for its full review!


[PS3/PSP] 3 Minis Down the Plus Barrel - Review

Some people say minis are just casual games, with no entertainment, repetition or even challenging value but here we say to those nay-sayers that they can be challenging and entertaining (Even downright nerve wrecking!)

We got a special treat for those who want to try out the few minis out in the plus section of the Playstation store but want guidance if they're really good to waste your time downloading, installing and trying them. So check them out right after the break.


[PS3] R.U.S.E - Review

The Art of War by Sun Tzu states that battles are won not by cheer power and numbers but mostly out of deception and cunning. R.U.S.E. takes the book into a gaming level.

Most strategy games nowadays rely on RPG elements such as special moves of characters to change the outcome of the battle and by making absurdly gigantic army that will take over the screen and presumably your enemy, RUSE however only makes a commander have special orders that might make you win the war, but not only that, lets take a closer look just after the break.


[TOTW] Gamers, the past, the middle, and something weird of a future?

When we play a game, do we sometimes stop to think about how game evolved and where us gamers are heading? 

Of course not! We play because we love the way we feel omnipotent (or not), against all odds, and all adversities, i mean wouldn't you like to be for example Nathan Drake, climbing places and getting the hottest of women, and weirdly falling, crashing, getting beaten up, shot up, being in an train accident and escape WHILE suffering from a shot wound in the middle of a snowy mountain!? But enough of that, we are talking about gamers here, and how it was before and now.