Advertisement Application


We currently have a spot for advertisement to any project in the making, and absolutely free. This works with the following guidelines:

- The advert will run for a month period (31 days). After that it will be taken down and be replaced by another project or its kept if there isn't any other project waiting.
- You can run up to post the advertisement anytime, as much as you want. You will be listed at the end of the waiting list.
- The advert must have one of the following:
        - 510px × 70px (Horizontal Banner)
        - 76px × 16px (Button)
- Since this is a free advertising movement, we won't charge anything but we will encourage others to click on any adverts around as they will contribute for the website, and possible a future website with maintenance.
If your interested send your advert to 

Let us help your project thrive and be popular!

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