Resistance 3 Development diary, Chimaera and you!

Resistance 3 is possibly one of the most anticipated games for the E3 due to major marketing Insomniac managed to do and of course the continuation of the story. In this development diary you will know what you are really up against on this new installment of the series.

Nintendo hates games, and indirectly gamers

In a news article published by Destructoid, Nintendo shareholders hates games.

Witcher 2 Xbox 360 publishing rights goes to another company

Namco Bandai, the publisher for Witcher 2 for PC won't get the publishing rights for its Xbox 360 version.

Mario & Sonic Olympics getting gold on November

Mario & Sonic at the London 2010 Olympic Games will hit the already slow in releases, Wii, in November while the 3DS version will have to wait.

New publisher looking to help Indies Games on the market

Rebelplay, formed by ex-Sony devs are searching for an alternative for indies to show up on the market.

Respawn Teases first game development

Respawn Studios, formed by the ex-bosses of Infinity Ward gets underway with the new company.

Reshuffle at Sony Computer Entertainment

The retirement of Kutaragi and Sato from SCEI, was announced yesterday. Jim Ryan gets a handsome promotion to CEO of SCEE and Kaz Hirai was given the hot seat.

Prediction puts the US spending $21.6 billion on Games in 2011

According to gamesindusty.biz, a new report predicts American are going to spend $21.6 Billion on games this years alone.


Review: Medal of Honor Heroes I (PSP)

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When EA gives you a First Person Shooter for the PSP  called Medal of Honor Heroes, you make lemonade... out of tears.

World of Warcraft to follow the Free2Play movement... Sorta

The Free2Play movement, I like to call it now this way for some reason, has affected the biggest MMO around World of Warcraft


New senior creative director at Ubisoft Red Storm is old Kaos Studios boss

After the enigmatic closure of Kaos Studios (and THQ Digital Warrington) by THQ and the team who was in charge of Homefront consequently transferred to Montreal packed its bag's, well everyone except this guy over here.

Is FIFA 12 going to Revolutionize Football (or Soccer) Games?

According to David Rutter, it's going to go be the best game EA did by a "mile" showing us the trinity, but leaving us with still some questions about certain aspects that we should really be discussing in the game.


Black Ops, Now With Flaming Corpses

The new Call of Duty Black Ops DLC Annihilation is getting close it's release date, which is tomorrow for the 360 so why not showing us what new zombies we are up against at the sound of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Trailer

In the most head banging trailer I've seen lately, Sniper: Ghost Warrior trailer demonstrates its rich jungle environment, simple story (bad guy must be eliminated.) and all around silent kills.

Mortal Kombat DLC Introduces Kenshi

Today, Gamespot launched a trailer depicting Mortal Kombat new character: Kenshi.

Rumour - PS3 Price Reduction at Gamescom?

There is a rumor spreading around the gaming sites that Sony will reduce the PS3 price.

Buy Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D and Get a Bonus: Intentional Bugs

The new Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D is a remake from the console Nintendo 64 back in the year 1998. It was possibly one of most acclaimed games of its time and that was because it was the first of the series to be fully 3D. Now, 13 years later we see another release, also to sport innovation but something of the old designed remained.

Battlefield 3: Something That Might be Worth the Wait

Battlefield 3 is getting a lot of buzz lately due to it's incredible (almost unbelievable) graphics and gameplay but also due to its direct competition with Modern Warfare 3. So whats all the fuss about and why should you wait for Battlefield 3?

Unearthed, the Uncharted of the Middle East

Ok, we all know that Uncharted and its star Nathan Drake are extremely popular nowadays much like Lara Croft back in the polygon day, but this is something else.


Weekly Wrap-Up

It's the end of the weekend, and with this comes our Weekly Wrap-up, and this was a hell of a week. If you were in the sun and sand this week (lucky you!) this is what you missed on Addict3d this week!

LulzSec Setting Sail for New Seas, but Left a Parting Gift (UPDATE: 27/06)

LulzSec, or Lulz Security who are guilty of hacking the world and back for the past few days calls it quits but not after leaving a parting gift.

Addict3d - 6 Months with New Design

It's been over 6 months that Addict3d started, and we are making a little celebration by incorporating a new design into the blog. PUBRYMPC5EWK

[TOP10] Addict3d Top 10 Hottest Female Video Game Characters

Following up on our [TOP10] Hottest Male Video Game Characters, we've decided to rank some of the female characters from video games. 

Because we see them and we like them, because most of these female characters have been with us throughout our lives and because it’s not strange to experience a slight crush for these virtual ladies. 


[TOTW] The Gaming World Next Step – Free 2 Play with Micro-Transactions?

Nothing is ever free...

Lately there has been a lot of news considering popular games turning into Free2Play business model, one of those games was surprisingly Team Fortress 2. While this might be supporting a new way of getting into the game it may also be a swift and deadly marketing scheme so you can cough up more money to the developers and publishers.

[PC] I Think The Death Star Went Online And Blew Galaxies Out Of The Water

Sony Online Entertainment and LucasArts are going to shut down Star Wars Galaxies MMORPG and Trading Card Game, this will be on December 15, 2011. It's possibly one of the biggest blows to the MMORPG genre in sometime.

[CASUAL] FarmCraft I - Farmville Evolved

After the famous facebook game Farmville, farming games are already becoming a cliché, but FarmCraft proved to be a very enjoyable casual game despite the constant farm games that are quickly flooding the casual game market. So here's Addict3d review.

[PC] Stronghold 3, the return of the famous castle-sim

Stronghold, a game made by Firefly Studios and its first game of the series released in October 2001 which its main goal was to capture back England from the evil clutches of conspirators that had the name of farm animals and wanted nothing but to take the crown and it's power to themselves. The series had a lot of sequels released which some were very well received by its community, and other simply just forgotten.

[PS3] DLC Sale Mayhem

Yesterday, for those who ignore any of Sony's or Playstation Blog news, was the beginning of the PSN <3 Downloadable Content Special Offers. This sale will be in effect until 6th of July, with almost 50% discount in some items, and there are still more to come.

Saints Row: The 3rd or Kicking Hobo's with a Gigantic Dildo Demo

We've seen Saints Row: The Third smart and clean marketing pull at E3, and we also saw some, but actually funny options you will have in the game, but slapping a hobo silly with a gigantic dildo is probably one of the weirdest things we saw in this demo.


The Medic Will See you Now....

Considering that Valve stopped making "Meet the Team" movies two years ago (Possibly working very hard on Half Life Episode 3, /failed sarcarm) we get an unexpected house call...


Hail to the King Baby

The King is Back!
After a gigantic hiatus and all around problematic development, Duke Nukem Forever (DNF) is back, and despite it's extremely high hype and bad critics all around from ... critics, here is why you should actually play this game.


[TOTW] The Status of MAG

MAG was released quite sometime ago, the game gained its momentum but where does it stand out now?
The game was released in January 27th, 2010, roughly 1 year and a couple of months ago. The game saw its momentum shortly after with a big influx of players fighting for glory and their PMC, but like all the FPS in consoles the community dies, fast and MAG is no exception. So how is MAG now? Is it still playable?

Addict3d Update - From Toothaches and Beyond

Hello there, you probably noticed a lack on news, updates and all around activity in the blog for the past few days. This was exclusively blamed in my tooth who just happened to fail doing its job and went harakiri on me, but not all this. 


Silent Hill HD Collection soiling your briefs this Fall

So for all those who love the Silent Hill series, they should now rejoice because it's coming to you this fall, only for PS3


Assassin's Creed Revelations, New Trailer, Info and Special Editions

I'm a die-hard fan of Assassin's Creed series, so it would be obvious that I would post the new trailer Ubisoft released, even if i'm dying in pain, this must be shown and the information must also be shown! *pride in pain*


The Successor of Nintendo Console

The company of the console and handheld with most sales in the world, Nintendo, unveiled the successor of the Wii, the Wii U.

[Sony] Press Conference Recap E3 2011

E3's Sony Press Conference was this monday, and since I wasn't around at that time (exam's SUCK!) so I'll do a recap of whats you missed.

[TOP10] Most Romantic Video Games

Videogames were made to entertain us, they can make you cry, they can make you laugh, they can make you feel all scared inside, they can make you wish that you were the hero, and they can make you feel love. Yes, LOVE.

[NGP] Playstation Vita now with price tag

So we are keeping the tag NGP, but if you didn't knew already Sony renamed it to Playstation Vita, and now with a price tag and specifications.

If Insomniac and EA, had babies, the result would be Overstrike

Who am I you say?
We all know very well, specially Playstation gamers, that Insomniac does a bang up job in doing great FPS, but now times change and Insomniac went multiplatform to bring us what appears to be a sweet sweet game.


Weekend Wrap-up

So another week more news for us to link, and there are plenty of news to show this weekend, some of them of course we didn't comment on our blog, obviously, due to the lack of time we are currently having.

The Ultimate Social Network for Gamers

I'm not a big fan of tracking how much time I play a game, and compared to much of the gamers, I put my hardcore title to shame nowadays, but what if I started to track all my gaming hours into a massive tracking system, combining it with some functionalities of Steam, Twitter and Facebook? 

[PS3] Journey, a game from "Flower" developers

We all know thatgamecompany, is actually one of the only game companies around the world that actually make games that are different and not a standardized games we are seeing overflowing the market, and from the look of things they still amaze us.

[PC] Valve and EA: "Oh it's so on..."

Valve has been the only king and ruler of the PC direct-to-client games, and social features "monopoly" with a couple of feeble competitors who try desperately to overthrow this mighty opponent, until now. 

[FAKE] Microsoft and Insomniac are NOT making a deal

An article was made or forwarded today by HipHopGamerShow detailing that Microsoft and Insomniac were making a deal concerning a "special agenda" for Microsoft. No big deal since its completely fake.

[PC] Top 10 First Person Shooters for Netbooks

We noticed a jump in our page views the last time we posted a Top 10 referring to games on a Netbook, so we want to please you guys so much for reading (or just seeing the pretty pictures) that we decided to host a new Top 10 and this time it's the First Person Shooters.