[FAKE] Microsoft and Insomniac are NOT making a deal

An article was made or forwarded today by HipHopGamerShow detailing that Microsoft and Insomniac were making a deal concerning a "special agenda" for Microsoft. No big deal since its completely fake.
The article stated the following:

Insomniac Games going multi-platform was the first surprise but it appears to be that there is more to come, alot more to come.
Microsoft for this generation has really relied more so on 3rd party instead of first party like their rivals Sony and Nintendo.
In doing this method of securing games on your console it appears that what was done with Homefront will be going to the next level with Insomniac. (...)

Also in the video, the author stated that Microsoft would offer Insomniac "something" to get exclusive content, purchase an IP that is unknown and also a possibly logical explanation why he forward such article.

After such post, Insomniac twitted in about the article stating that this was a complete rumor and untrue:

For those of you asking about HipHopGamer's latest, it is completely and totally untrue. Completely made up and false. Don't believe it. #fb

 Insomniac is known for its preference for Playstation 3 with major IP titles like Ratchet and Clank, Resistance, Spyro the Dragon series, but lately announced going multi-platform and showing its first IP on E3.

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