Final Fantasy XIII-2: Reviews for the masses

Final Fantasy XIII-2 has been released and consequentially reviewed by the masses, let's see how they fare.


Activision launches Dark Reign Redux on Xbox Live

Without much fuss and advert, Activision silently published Dark Reign Redux, a remake of the 1997's RTS Dark Reign: The Future of War on Xbox Live Indie Games.


Renegade X: Black Dawn Releases Today

In case you didn't know already, today, the 28th of January, is the release of the much anticipated single player Black Dawn of the Renegade X mod


Streets of Rage Remake, or how Homer J. Simpson would put it "mmmmmmh.... Organized Crime"

I think of one of the games that I played the most in my entire youth on the mega drive was either Mortal Kombat or Streets of Rage series at that time but only one survived, that is until recently.


Return to the Roots: Talking with some Developers about the project

We sat down and chat with two members of the development team of Return to the Root, a remake project already spoken in this blog not so long ago.


Zod Engine - The famous 'Z' Remake

For those who remember, Zed (or just Z) was a game featuring area conquering, weird red and blue robots and strange game mechanics that got really popular back in the 90's. 


Welcome Back Commander. OpenRA Review

We all know that EA latest attempt in the C&C franchise was a complete disaster, so in the midst of us looking forward with uncertainty why not look backward? 


The father of all Hospital Management Games!

Somewhere in the 90's, Bullfrog was getting really famous for their installment Theme Park, although this particular franchise kept moving on, there was one that was intermittently lost, it added the first management game focusing on a hospital.


Settlers II.5? It might be crazy enough to work! [UPDATE: 17/01/12]

 In what seems to be a "bring back old games feeling" week, we are reviewing a fan-made project of the best settlers game in the franchise according to popular opinion, the return to the roots project.

I actually bumped into this project while writing my first article this week on nostalgia (I'm never shutting up about this am I?) and my eyes just popped when I saw what it was actually.


2011-2012: Signs of Warning.

English: A US Sega Saturn console, shown with ...
Last year, 2011, we saw an evolution in games, FPS is thriving, MMO's are stepping out of the WoW monopoly after the release of the new Star Wars MMO, RTS got to see the comeback of Age of Empires and so on. But it wasn't just good things, it was also a year of repetition and nothing less.


[CONTEST] - This is your time to shine!

Are you a designer, or practicing to be one? Do you think your photoshop or photographer skills are good?
Do you want some of your work to be the logo of Addict3d Blog? Or maybe you know someone who would like doing this? Check after the break for details on the this exciting contest!


What games makes your nostalgia meter go off the charts?

We all have one, it started to be pretty lame before/after you finish it, but for some undying reason it grew in so much that you have to play it from time to time. Here's mine, just after the break.

UPDATED (09/01/12) - As of January 6th, FGS ceased to exist

This is possibly one of the best add-ons for those who play any Facebook game ever and as of January 6th it 
ceased to exist, don't know what FGS is, or just want to know why is it shutting down? 
Just check after the break

Stay awhile and listen... FOR 15 YEARS!

Hi there!
So a couple of years ago, a small game was released and started what is now known as one of the best hack'n'slash of our times, you know what it is, so just click on the topic so you can check the hellish news.

Gran Turismo 5 gets fatter in January 17

English: Logo of Gran Turismo series. A PS3 ga...
Seems like people who were trying to stave off the crave to buy Gran Turismo 5 might be once again threatened!