Saints Row: The 3rd or Kicking Hobo's with a Gigantic Dildo Demo

We've seen Saints Row: The Third smart and clean marketing pull at E3, and we also saw some, but actually funny options you will have in the game, but slapping a hobo silly with a gigantic dildo is probably one of the weirdest things we saw in this demo.

Saints Row: The Third which is being released in November 15, 2011 for PC, XBOX360 and PS3, doesn't fall far from the formula of its predecessors, it's a sandbox game, and you can do whatever you want when you want, do the campaign missions, do side-missions, or just have some fun with mini-games.

In this demo you will hear some of the back-story of the game and see many of the features that you will encounter on Saints Row 3, such as introduce a innocent bystander to the laws of physics, slap (like I said before) people silly with weird weapons, use weird car-weapons (such as a circus cannon that makes people fly to new heights, or just splatter them on something, your choice), tanks, VTOL jets, you name it, it has all you can have. Other things you might see on the demo is mini-activities, wardrobe options, and gigantic fists, its worth the time you waste on seeing the gameplay demo, trust us.

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