Updated: 'Hiring' writers for Addict3d To Games Blog

We are *STILL* with open positions to join our news blog, if you are thinking of joining remember that this blog is a non-profitable blog, with revenue from the ads going directly towards funding of the blog and its future graphical enhancements and host that we might encounter in the future. If that didn't made you run off and still willing, we are looking for the following characteristics in our applicants.
  • Good English writing skills.
  • Loves games and other gadgets.
  • Willing to write (on a regular basis).
  • Needs to be Gamer or be involved in the game/hardware industry.
  • Endurance to make this project work.
  • Must have originality on its posts (we are not asking that on the news per say but on reviews or personal articles)
  • Willing to make articles that encourage debate with our readers. (Our Topic of The Week; Top10)
The openings are for writers that are interested either in game news to hardware news (computer specs and hardware, prices comparisons). So the following are currently open:
  • PC
  • Microsoft Xbox 360
  • Nintendo Wii/Wii U
  • Android Apps
  • Apple Apps 
  • Industry News
Note: Has said before, the writer must have originality in its articles and we have the right to decline any posts that we deem copy/paste from other websites or just offensive.

Think you can handle the pressure of being a writer?
Contact us via e-mail.

Thank you for your time.
Addict3d Gaming Blog Team


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  2. Well, we don't mind the age of a person (unless its a toddler) because, we have people which are active, working people that have low responsability and extremely bad writing skills, and young people who have good skills in writing and are responsible. If you have these two things above average and know how to work in team, then you should be able to apply no problem.