Rumor - Could Valve be making a console?

There is a rumor circulating about the web, which started at The Verge apparently, saying that Valve might be in the process of making a console.

The idea that Valve is making a console goes beyond the stretch of imagination, and we might be finding out soon enough at the Game Developers Conference or in E3 2012.

The supposedly console, that according to Kotaku and  The Verge seems like a hardware standard will make you run PC game games and use Steam and even competing with Origin. The main thing about this is that from what its rumored about, there can be multiple manufacturers for this console separating itself from its Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 older brothers, and even worse for the latter consoles is that game developers wouldn't have to pay a fee to license the game to Valve, which kills the market for the three console giants whose marketing is based on this kind of thing.

Here is an excerpt of The Verves writer Topolsky, followed by Kotaku:
Apparently meetings were held during CES to demo a hand-built version of the device to potential partners. We're told that the basic specs of the Steam Box include a Core i7 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and an NVIDIA GPU. ..
Part of the goal of establishing a baseline for hardware, we're told, is that it will give developers a clear lifecycle for their products, with changes possibly coming every three to four years. Additionally, there won't be a required devkit, and there will be no licensing fees to create software for the platform.

But this isn't all that its coming as configurable game controllers and biometric sensors to tweak the game will also be in the midst of production.

Although Kotaku and The Verve clearly states this is a rumor, there are a couple of hints that Topolsky build his case upon, mainly from what Gabe Newel, Valve Overlord expressed over willing to make hardware and wariness of the expanding influence of Apple's close knit app store. But this isn't all, Valve also made a few patent applications of a controller and the still to show up "The Big Picture" that they've announced ages ago is also in the midst of the rumor.

Courtesy of The Verve

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  1. if those are the actual specs, I don't get the point of a console..

    1. Well its still pretty much a rumor, so we need to wait for confirmation or debunk on it. Time will tell I guess and Valve isn't the kind of making announcements hastily *cough* HL EP:3 *cough*

  2. I found it interesting how your notes only focus on website..