Youtube Spotlight - thesquirrelcave channel

(Photo credit: www_ukberri_net)
So here I was in my normal saturday laziness when I discovered that I had a Youtube mail (I didn't even knew it existed so, meh) and I saw one of the most absurd gamer channels I've ever came across.
I've subbed this channel because when I saw a few of the videos they made and, if you honestly play them its pretty much crazy. If you ask me if this is post material? I'll say "no", but then again I say no to supposedly incredible games such as Modern Warfare, who for some people is being a heretic who cursed the most holiest of relics.

The channel name (if your too lazy to look at the bloody title of the post) is the squirrelcave and its an unholy alliance of players who want post movies with a personal taste of commentaries and weird ramblings, but its not "just" commentaries as the owner (who is named Josh by the way) also makes voice overs being the latest about ... my little pony.

Anyway you should really check this channel out as you will have some fun seeing how people try and be hilarious and sometimes the outcome can be so much better than what they imagined.

Youtube: thesquirrelcave

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